Individual Therapy

Individual Treatment Sessions

Individual treatment sessions are offered to adults and children with various diagnoses. Individual treatment sessions allow one-on-one time between our client and the Speech Therapist (SLP) in order to develop new skill sets and/or build on existing or previous ones. The SLP focuses on the client directly by determining functional outcomes and treating those areas appropriately, directly and indirectly targeting specific areas, in order to achieve the client’s goals.

Rates may be requested by emailing Devin Roscillo at

Our practice is private pay only. We are able to provide a Superbill to our patients in order for them to independently seek reimbursement through their insurance company.

25-30 minute sessions offered

40-45 minute sessions offered

55-60 minute sessions offered

We provide flexibility in our treatment session duration to tailor treatment to each individual receiving services, based on their specific needs. Some children and adults benefit from longer sessions, while some may benefit from shorter sessions due to various reasons.