Our Team

Devin Roscillo is a certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist who provides services in the state of Texas. Her primary service area is in and surrounding Austin, TX. She has a tremendous passion for giving back to something greater than herself and making an impact on individuals and the world. Devin finds giving back very fulfilling, and this may be why she is so passionate about her career choice, Speech-Language Pathology. Empowering Speech Therapy was created to create a large-scale impact on those who need a little bit or even a lot of assistance, education and empowerment. Devin encourages motivated individuals to participate in our speech therapy program to address areas needing improvement during development or following loss-of-function.

In addition, dogs have always been a tremendous love of Devin's. She has always had a soft-spot in her heart for dogs. Since 2012, Devin has been a foster parent to dogs and puppies rescued from high-kill shelters and owner-surrender situations. She has supported dogs needing emotional rehabilitation as well. She has fostered at least 16 dogs and puppies since becoming a foster parent (although, she has lost track of the number at this point!). Devin experiences immense satisfaction and fulfillment from helping these dogs and in turn, receives love and support back from them. The profound impact that dogs have had on Devin is what motivated her to create an animal-assisted speech therapy practice: and to bring even more joy and success to her clients.


Devin's pup, Stella, started as her foster dog in April 2017. Stella is 2 years old. Stella was a terrified and anxious mess when she came to Devin! Devin has spent two years helping Stella find trust in new situations, environments and people by working with her to reduce her anxiety. With hard work and the dynamic duo's perseverance and determination, Stella is now much less anxious and fearful of new environments and situations, has gained confidence, and has grown more trusting of people. She still needs some more work to lessen her anxiety, but she is persistent and patient and continues to grow daily. In May 2018, Devin finally adopted Miss Stella, as the two had formed quite an amazing friendship and partnership. Stella comes most places with Devin and is an excellent partner. She has beautiful manners, a loving temperament, and a sweet, good-natured disposition.


Devin and her husband adopted their pup, Houston, in June 2018 when they were still living in Connecticut. Houston is 1.5 years old. He is full of personality and absolutely adores his sister, Stella. Houston has a loving and hilarious personality, and loves to share affection and give kisses to all people. In fact, he loves to kiss arms, toes, faces, and even shoes, showing off his goofy personality. After Houston moved across the country to Texas with his sister and his humans, he developed some anxiety, likely from the long, stressful drive and arriving in an entirely new, unfamiliar environment. However, he has found total happiness in his new home with a big fenced in back yard for him to run around with Stella. Houston is learning to overcome his anxiety since our move, and he remains an extremely loving, little cuddle bug. He is a great addition to our team.