Our "Why"

Our Mission is to impact lives and transform our community through providing unique animal-assisted speech therapy for children and adults.

Speech-Language Pathologist and CEO, Devin Roscillo, provides dynamic, quality care to all patients with various diagnoses: children and adults alike. Our practice serves children with Autism, young adults with Cerebral Palsy, adults with aphasia following stroke, and infants with dysphagia, among others. Devin fully supports animal-assisted therapy and brings her dogs, Stella and Houston, to treatment sessions to engage, motivate, and facilitate successful skill growth and rehabilitation. Our dogs serve a powerful role as part of our outcome-driven team! Devin aims to achieve physical and emotional growth and balance through her treatment of individuals with various disorders and impairments. She takes a comprehensive approach to her therapy.

Creating the best version of YOU...

Devin is extremely passionate about making an impact in the lives of others and about personal development. She will share her wealth of knowledge, educate and empower you to create the best version of YOU.