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Impacting lives and transforming our community through unique animal-assisted speech therapy for children and adults


“Hi Devin - we are on vacation but I had to tell you! He ate a new food today - he’s never tasted it before!” - proud mother of a child with sensory aversion to food textures and tastes

“She actually told a waiter thank you, and much louder than usual! You are amazing!” - pleased mother of a child with social anxiety and low speaking volume

“The kids LOOOOVE the dogs!!!!!! They’re especially calming for her, FYI! :)” - satisfied mother of two children with Autism who truly benefited from Devin’s comfort dogs

“I’m so glad she likes and trusts you so much and that she’s willing to work through these difficult things with you!” - happy mother of a child with Autism who has difficulty developing new relationships and addressing areas of weakness

“They are both super comfortable with you - you are their FAVORITE!” - satisfied mother of two children with Autism who have difficulty bonding with others

“The patients love you - she said you were the best! And the kids love you! It’s all over their faces. I get to see it because I work with you. You do an incredible job!” - collaborative colleague

“She is adamant that she doesn’t want to work with another speech therapist! Only you!” - mother of a 10 year old girl with Autism, cognitive rigidity and difficulty trusting people