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Contact Us

If you haven't spoken with us yet and would like to speak with a Speech Pathologist to determine if services are right for you, your child, or your loved one, please send us an email with an introduction so that we may book a phone consultation to get started.


Phone: 203-998-5266

Our email server is HIPAA compliant, and we prefer important documents to be electronically emailed to us rather than via mail or fax.

If you are contacting us via text message for the first time, please introduce yourself in your message with your name, contact information, and reason for contacting Empowering Speech Therapy. We’d love to assist you.

Should you need to send us a fax or your doctor’s office needs to fax a referral, please notify us via email.

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We offer concierge services, so we will come to your home!

In the future, our office will be in Austin or a surrounding town. We plan to have a space centrally located for all of our wonderful clients soon.