Faithful and true-hearted, let us boost our dear Old High

May she ever rank the highest, may her colors ever fly

We will stand with her united, every deed we'll proudly tell

So colors gleaming, bright faces beaming

There's a yell for her we all love so well!

(Clap, Clap)

Joyous and ever-loyal, let us boost our dear Old High

May every heart sing, may every voice ring

There's no time to grieve or sigh

So ever onward, our hearts pursuing

We'll defend her colors true

And united we will boost for her, boost for her

Old Eads High!

Eads High School has a rich tradition of athletic excellence and offers a number of sports for our students. A high percentage of our athletes are two- and three-sport athletes and learn at an early age how to work with team mates, set goals of achievement, and work hard towards success....both individually and within a team unit.

Eads owns 17 state championships including 9 Girls Basketball championships---the most for any school in Colorado.

Our newest championship came Nov. 21, 2015 when we won the

6-Man State Football Championship!

Coaching Staff 2022-2023

Athletic Director- Trey Eder

HS Golf - Justin McLoud

HS Football - Trey Eder Asst. - Brian Bohlander

HS Volleyball - Ashley Gooden Asst. - Rhealie Rittgers

HS Cheer Coach - Ashleigh Decker

HS Boys Basketball- Weston Meardon Asst. - Kyle Morlan

HS Girls Basketball - Trey Eder Asst. - Justin McLoud

HS Wresting - Asst. - Reagan Lane

HS Baseball - Tyler Rouse Asst.- Chance Fowler

HS Track - Stephanie Bohlander Asst - Colby Stoker Throwing Coach- Trey Eder

JH Football - Trey Eder Asst. - Justin McLoud

JH Volleyball - Shawna Wollert Asst. Rhealie Rittgers

JH Boys Basketball - Kyle Morlan Asst. Weston Meardon

JH Girls Basketball - Justin McLoud Asst. Brenna Rouse

JH Wrestling - Reagan Lane

JH Track - Destiny Haase