News : Why choose cricket?

Cricket offers more

  • More conducive environment to learn and experience respect.

  • More opportunity to develop as an individual and as a team member through team roles.

  • Builds confidence and self-esteem, as cricket is about coordination and technique, more than size and strength.

  • Helps develop patience due to the more gradual pace of the game.

  • More structured team roles and activities means everyone knows what they have to do.

As well as the physical and mental health benefits, cricket shares the fundamental core values that your child can get from other sports, such as fairplay, honesty and teamwork. These values are not only integral to sport but also to everyday life.

However, there is so much more cricket has to offer over other mainstream sports, in helping your child to develop skills for the future.


Respect is central to the spirit of cricket. Respect for teammates, the opposition and match officials. As cricket is a non-contact sport, there is far less possibility of confrontational behaviour than with more physical team sports, and therefore is a more conducive environment for learning how to get on with others and treat people with respect.


Cricket provides your child the opportunity to develop as an individual, but also as a team member. When they are batting, they have the responsibility to concentrate and have the discipline to do the best for themselves, but also for their team.


In cricket, it’s not just the biggest, fastest or strongest who can excel. Developing accurate hand-eye coordination and good batting/bowling techniques mean the opportunity is there for everyone. These opportunities, in turn, build confidence and self-esteem.


With so much readily at hand in this fast moving world, it can be difficult for young people to comprehend and apply concepts such as putting in the effort now to reap the rewards later. However, this is more relatable when a cricketer patiently builds up a score with lots of small, gradual successes and an equal measure of setbacks.


Cricket has a defined set of roles and responsibilities, which gives structure to a child, allowing them to understand limits and boundaries and helps develop how they conduct themselves in these situations. They know when it’s their time to bat, bowl or field and there is no disagreement about who should be doing what.

News : Wee County, Big Heart

On a bright and breezy evening at The Arns, the Cranes started the season with a cracking match against Clackmannan County Cricket Club!

You could tell this was going to be a close one when during the toss, the coin landed on its edge unwilling to favour either team. The wind obviously had no such qualms, blowing the coin over to give the home team first choice, which was to bat.

Dunblane did a solid job of stifling runs and had limited Clacks to 28 half way through their 20 overs. A second half rally by Clacks led by their inspirational captain Niamh, resulted in the home team closing their innings on 83/7.

Scarlett, Dunblane's captain was not to be outdone by her rival and despite an eye injury, started the charge with newbie Sam where they put the Cranes on a solid foundation of 15 runs.

The following batting pairs of Archie/Finn (Sam’s twin and also a newbie) and Matthew/John brought Dunblane to the midway point on 45 runs, despite quality attacking cricket from Clacks (and Archie losing a shoe!).

Magnus & Rachel’s partnership steadied the ship and Dunblane went into the last 4 overs on 65/7, 18 runs behind Clacks.

And what a final 4 overs it was!

Dunblane batters, Jack and Rafa (newbie) were under siege from the beginning from a passionate and inspired Clacks team whose bowling and fielding were excellent. Despite the valiant efforts of the boys, scoring the most 4’s of any partnership this evening, Dunblane finished on 87/12.

There was much jubilation by Clacks at the end of the match, which was great to see. The heart and soul they put in at the end justified the result.


Wicket = No dismissal, bowling team awarded 4 runs.

Clackmannan CCC 83 runs + 12 wickets = 131 runs

Dunblane CC 87 runs + 7 wickets = 115 run

News : Outdoor Practice Resumes

We at the club cannot wait to get outside again! If you are interested in joining us please follow the links below and register. You will love it.

All Stars Cricket - 8 week programme for children 5-8 years old. The curriculum of fun cricket activities and games provides your children with the basic movement skills to begin a lifelong love of our sport and general physical activity. Commencing 11th May. Cost £40.

Under 10 Cricket - Softball cricket where the emphasis is on participation and enjoyment. Membership £60.

Under 12 Cricket - A format that looks to further develop the cricket skills of kids that are playing their 1st or 2nd year of junior cricket. The emphasis here is on continuous and active participation, where all players get to bat, bowl and field. Membership £60.

Under 14 Cricket - This format is ideally suited for those who have completed a couple of seasons of junior cricket and are starting to develop more sophisticated batting, bowling and fielding skills. Membership £60.

As our home at Laighhills will be getting some ground improvement work done at the start of the season, we will be relocating to Dunblane Primary School playing field until the end of June.