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What is login ? – Step By Step Guide login is one of the most popular cryptocurrency platforms. The prime motto of is to enable trading in almost all cryptocurrencies. It was established in 2016 and approximately 3 million users have been using login till now, still counting. is headquartered in Hong Kong. Kris Marszelak, entrepreneur, along with, CFO Rafael Melo, CTO Gary Or and Head of Corporate Development Bobby Bao is founder of login .

What does login account offers? has multifarious financial services that includes:

  • MCO Visa Card: The VISA card will convert your crypto to fiat and spend.

  • App: investors can Buy, exchange, send, and track their digital assets.

  • Crypto Credit: its a loan product that helps investors to get credit to spend on your MCO visa card.

  • Crypto Earn: with the crypto earn product, their system allows users to earn up to 18% interest p.a. on the cryptocurrency users have deposited.

  • Crypto.Com Exchange: This exchange is Powered by CRO, with deep liquidity, low fees and execution prices that is less among the market, thus users can trade in high market capital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin here.

What are the benefits of having account on Exchange?

When it comes to beta version it was launched in November 2019. Most of the investors among world prefers to use crypto exchange just because of the features they offer:

  • Investors get benefit by receiving 100% trading fee discount based on your 30-day trading volume and the staking level.

• 10 times increased throughput via a revamped Matching Engine as well as through Order Management System.

• Ease of use with a unified REST and Websocket API.

• Gives you a robust risk engine and high leverage margin and derivatives trading.

The Vortex Liquidity System helps users in competitive rates and allow you to access a large global platform.

Crypto Fundraising Platform- Syndicate Participation

Users first need to login successfully and stake approximately 10,000 CRO in the exchange login account to take part in syndicate. Details for each event occurs includes-

  • Token information

  • Maximum CRO contribution

  • Allocation and distribution of purchased tokens

  • Number of tokens for sale

  • Pricing Discount level

  • Timelines, including – start/end time of the listing event (“Subscription Period”) login account users will be able to buy the Project Tokens only with the use of CRO tokens. The Maximum Allocation of Project Tokens will depend on CRO Staked by the user.

What are the levels of verification on Exchange? exchange offers plethora of markets with BTC, USDT, and CRO pairs. When it comes to levels , it has two levels of verification on their exchange i.e Basic and Advanced.

Here you will have explained two levels of verification on exchange:

  • Basic: in this level, it takes details such as name, email, and phone number. with this, ,users will be able to use the interface freely and access most of the services.

  • Advanced: In pro verification level, you have to submit identity documents that allows you unlimited deposits, and a 100 BTC withdrawal limit. login - Buy Crypto at Minimal Discount

As we have explained before, basically, the Syndicate is a fundraising platform for dedicated projects to list their coins on the exchange. If we talk about the CRO stakeholders, they receive priority token allocation for the events at a discount.

Here below are the Syndicate features:

  • exchange does not charge any listing fees to projects, you can easily list.

  • This exchange allow to Allocate of their own token for sale to its users with a 50% discount.

  • Everything from the sale will be passed back to the Projects.

  • Projects are allowed to increase their coins utility through multiple ways like:

  1. Spend via our card

  2. Gain interest on their coin

  3. Use it as a collateral for instant loans

  4. Use it on the Pay network.

What is Pay? Pay is one of the powerful payment solutions that empower businesses and merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments. Merchants don’t need to pay anything as they receive 0% processing fees on the payments settled with crypto and 0.5% fees for payments via fiat. You can save upto 80% on the fees usually given by other mainstream payment processors. And moreover crypto is being accepted by Ledger and Woo Commerce stores.

What is Login Fees Structure?

  • charges very minimal and genuine maker/taker fees starting from 0.2%

  • has open and competitive fee structure.

  • Cheaper fees by staking CRO tokens can be obtained. Apart from minimal fees structure of login, user will also get 20% ROI on the amount they stake.

Conclusion: Login login offers number of cryptocurrencies available to trade in. Currently, it is one of the top ranking organizations in cryptocurrency exchange world. login offers exchange, Syndicate and visa cards which means there is something for every user. No matter that whether you are a beginner or an expert investor, has something for you to explore. Expert investors can use their blockchain portfolio options to get several additional benefits from login.