Uniswap exchange to improve the overall crypto experience

In a world of cryptocurrency variants and crypto exchange platforms, Uniswap is simply a drop in the ocean. However, we all know that even a small drop can create a huge ripple. Therefore, to answer “what is Uniswap”, it is a smart contract-based exchange service that has been reputed as the most efficient platform for swapping your Ethereum and Ether-based cryptocurrencies.

When we talk about traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, users are first required to deposit funds. Unlike this, Uniswap exchange appeals to no such custody of the trader’s funds. And there’s only one specific reason for the same- the platform manages all the crypto swapping via smart contract systems that have been famously known to run on the blockchain network for Ethereum.

Foundation of the Uniswap crypto trading platform

Here, in this section of the read, we’ll be sharing the foundations, based on which, Uniswap has crafted its identity and stands strong each day:

  • A user-friendly interface is not the only thing that makes Uniswap the best, it also has a complete smart contract system implemented into its functioning

  • The highly efficient working model of Uniswap grants users to pool in all of their liquidity services

  • Traders and all other liquidity providers on the exchange platform get benefitted from an exclusive open-source frontend interface of the service model

  • The major feature of the platform is not just swapping of crypto tokens but it is also promoting a decentralized and no charging outlet for exchanging assets

Answering the query- “how does Uniswap work?”

What makes Uniswap exchange the best is that it’s an automated market maker, which refers to a decentralized exchange space offering multiple pairs of crypto tokens to trade. The calculation tool built into Uniswap would instantly give out the amount of DAI that you’d receive for Ethereum. If and only if, you agree to the calculated amount and confirm the transaction, Uniswap will make the DAI payment from its ETH/DAI pool.

Use your Uniswap login account to swap

This part of the read has been carefully prepared to help you with trading on Uniswap exchange with an explicit and facile procedure:

  1. Link your in-use crypto wallet to the Uniswap account.

  2. Go ahead and choose the token pair that you want to swap.

  3. Review the setting and adjust them as required.

  4. Confirm your transaction and go ahead with the swap.

The process to swap your Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens

This part of the read has been prepared to help you through the explicit steps that you’d have to undergo to make a token swap on Uniswap Exchange:

  1. Head to the official Uniswap site- https://uniswap.org/.

  2. Decide which of the crypto variants you’d want to send.

  3. Go on and submit your crypto preference for receiving.

  4. Move forth and submit the amount of the said exchange.

  5. As the swap rates and other data come up, be thorough.

  6. Head to the “Connect to Wallet” tab and confirm the swap.

Learn how to use Uniswap app

Uniswap is versatile with its digital services and it provides users with the authority to experience their crypto wallets in several different ways. You can go ahead and put the Uniswap exchange wallet to use for both iOS and Android. Checking your UNI balance in fiat currencies, and monitoring exchange rates with real-time price charts are simply a few drops in the ocean.

The list of Uniswap supported coins

It must have been clear by now, Uniswap functions on a smart contract-based system that is only run on the blockchain network for Ethereum and therefore, any crypto activity carried on the pool supply unlimited Uniswap Exchange can only be done with either Ethereum or any other Ether-based (ERC-20) tokens. Let us help you learn the supported coins of the exchange platforms:

  • UNI





Know about the Uniswap exchange fees

Whenever there is a transaction made on the Uniswap exchange, all the liquidity providers earn a fee that is proportional to the amount of liquidity they have supplied. This fee has been pre-determined to be 0.3% but may fluctuate to be as low as 0.05% for the stable assets, and can be as high as 1% for newer and exotic pairs.

Troubleshooting “Uniswap exchange not working”

As you already know, Uniswap is a reputed online service and it is no surprise that it may encounter trouble from time to time. According to our knowledge, the problem of “Uniswap exchange not working” only occurs when there is a drastic movement in the price of the coin. This can be solved with a very simple fix- gradually increasing the slippage tolerance. That’s because if the slippage tolerance is set too low, the transaction is set on the path of failure in case, there is a price movement above the pre-determined price slippage.


The detailed read above has been created to introduce you to Uniswap exchange which is known as one of the best crypto exchanges that exist for operating or functioning on a smart contract-based system. The working model of the system only supports Ethereum and Ether-based crypto tokens because it runs on the Ethereum blockchain network. Reading through the above piece, you’d get to know every specific detail that you would require to improve your experience with crypto via Uniswap.


Can US citizens use Uniswap?

Yes, US citizens can easily use the Uniswap exchange platform along with various options for buying crypto tokens. One of the most reputed options for buying crypto on Uniswap is by using the Coinbase application. You should know that this method can be used wherever Coinbase is available. Rest assured the procedure would be quick, facile and highly secure.

Is Uniswap exchange safe?

Uniswap Exchange has always proved to be safe and the reason is said to be its decentralized exchange and liquidity pool along with the fact that it is built on Ethereum. In simple words, all of these sum up to one specific statement- the exchange service offers the same level of security as the exclusive Ethereum blockchain network. But, you should also remember that keeping Uniswap Exchange safe will directly be reflected by the use of a safe crypto wallet.

What exchanges is Uniswap on?

Cryptocurrency variants are vast and, usually, there is more than one exchange platform that offers Uniswap (UNI) to function with. You might get to work with this cryptocurrency on Binance, Coinbase, and Gemini (to name a few).

What is the best crypto wallet?

Tons of crypto wallets have made the cut to be recognized as the best crypto wallet but, if we have to name a few, we would have to say- Coinbase, Ledger Nano X, Trezor, MetaMask, Exodus, Mycelium, etc. Each wallet has specific service features that separate them from the other.

How can I buy ETH in Uniswap?

To buy ETH in Uniswap, you would have to begin with getting on the swapping portal of Uniswap and linking it to any of the crypto wallets. Go on to typing in the amount worth of Ethereum you’d like to trade and put in the “DAI” as the crypto variant you would like to receive from the transaction. You’ll get the exact amount of DAI that would be paid to you for your Etereumk after being calculated by the tools designed in Uniswap. And then, based on the results, you’d have to decide whether you’d like to go through with it or not.