Coach Fred

Head Coach

Coach Andie

Assistant Coach

Coach Andie - Assistant Coach

Semi-pro runner and former collegiate athlete at NC State. Began coaching in 2018 with a focus on individualization and confidence building. Strong belief in promoting love of the sport in addition to pursuing goals in balanced & healthy manor. Improvement requires enjoyment, rest, hard work, and positivity. Prior work in strength training for runners at RunRaleigh PT, focusing on improving functional movement and biomechanics. Currently a VDOT O2 Certified Distance Running Coach.

Aside from running & coaching, works as a Real Estate Appraiser, and loves being outdoors enjoying time with the pups, family and friends!

Running Accolades:

  • 2x10k All-American while at NC State

  • 2012 NC State Female Athlete of Year (HC Kennett Award Winner)

  • 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier