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Having BIG feelings? Enter the Chill Zone to find some activities to help you relax and calm down. If you are still struggling after utilizing these strategies, reach out to an adult (parent, guardian, school staff, school psychologist and/or school social worker).

About Ms. Baker

Hello Scholars! My name is Ms. Baker and I am your school social worker. What is a school social worker you ask? A school social worker is a person who works to have the school, the community and your family come together to make sure you have all the tools you need to achieve your GOALS!

A few FUN facts about me:

  • Favorite color: Pink

  • I love cats!

  • Favorite Candy: Sour Gummy Worms

  • Favorite Summer Activity: Swimming


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Scholars Creed
We the scholars of Columbus City Prep agree to live by our Core Values:
We are Accountable to ourselves, family, school, and community.
We show Respect by valuing ourselves and the uniqueness of others.
We demonstrate Integrity at all times: honesty, fairness, and righteousness.
We are Service-minded; we believe in giving back to our community.
We strive for Excellence in all that we do. We're not settling for mediocrity.