English 9

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Daily Assignments

17 March 2020

Read the remainder of the first act of Romeo & Juliet.

18 March 2020

Complete the questions over act I and submit them by 11:59 tomorrow night. Additionally, answer the check-in question for today.

19 March 2020

Finish your questions by tonight. If you struggle, please e-mail me.

20 March 2020

Globe Theatre Prezi and activity.

30 March 2020

Turn in Globe Theatre activity. No Red Ink assignment. Watch the R&J video.

31 March 2020

Read the simplified text of Romeo & Juliet of Act 2, Prologue & Scene 1, answer a few questions over it.

2 April 2020

Read the simplified text of Romeo & Juliet of Act 2, Scene 2, answer a few questions over it.

6 April 2020

There will be a No Red Ink assignment, but we will be shifting gears if students need to.

7-9 April 2020

Free Read Project. Choose a book, and write a timeline of the author's life due next Tuesday.

10 April 2020

No School. Good Friday!

13 April 2020

No Red Ink. Due next Wednesday.

14 April 2020

Zoom meeting for questions and comments. I really enjoyed our last one. Timeline due.