Spiritual Life II

Please see this message from Mr. Williams:

We miss you. I hope your remote learning and stay-at-home time is going as well as possible. I

appreciate you staying in touch with each other and with your teachers. Please let me or a teacher

know if you are having difficulties understanding or connecting to any of your classes.

If you have not yet started reading Blue Like Jazz, I encourage you to get started. I think you will find it to

be an enjoyable and relatively quick read. You have only two assignments regarding the book. The first

is to participate in a zoom meeting with your classmates and me at 10:55 am on Wednesday, April 22.

Please have the book read by then. I will send you an email invitation to participate in the meeting

earlier that week. The second assignment, an essay, is explained below.

On April 27 th you will begin receiving Bible Project videos. Each video can be viewed within five to ten

minutes. Your assignment through the end of the year will be to simply view the video and report back

that you did so.

I anticipate information about the last day of class and other end-of-the-year events will be sent out by

the end of this week. I regret your senior year is ending in such an unconventional manner and will not

include many of the important events associated with one’s last year in high school. However, you are a

part of an unprecedented time in history, and our actions and prayers during this time make a

difference. Stay encouraged knowing God is in control; He is for you; and His plans for you are good.

Yours in Christ,

Mr. Williams

Requirements for assignment:

Major Essay on Blue Like Jazz.

Write a minimum of 1,000 words in response to one or up to three of the concepts or stories presented in the book. At least one scripture reference must be appropriately integrated into each concept with a minimum of three scripture references in total. Do not include the scripture references in your word count for length of essay. Note in the Table of Contents of "Blue Like Jazz" the variety of topics covered in the book, such as: early awareness of God, human nature and sin, faith, grace, community, money, worship, love, etc. There are other overarching themes such as religion and politics, institutional religion vs. true Christianity, and values, rules, and grace.

1. Essay must be submitted by May 4.

2. Feel free to integrate personal experience, opinions, and perspectives into the essay.

3. Contact Mr. Williams if you have any questions or need more information.