Additional Resources

Language Arts / Reading / Writing / History

Listen to hundreds of books online FOR FREE! Audible allows students to listen to a book of their choice, allowing them to multi-task with other activities.

Improve your literary skills and go beyond what is covered in the classroom. Click the button below to explore NoRedInk online. Report your progress to Ms. Varonos:

ActivelyLearn includes reading excerpts with topics covering current events. Questions appear to check your understanding. Yes, you can read, but can you really read into an article and get the "point" of the message. Click the button below and enter the following code:



CAD / 3D Printing Challenge

Teachers will select finalist designs. Students will vote on their picks. Selected creations will be printed. Who can create the best Knights-themed objects that represent the school?

Top 5 winners get 2 copies printed --- Top #1 pick gets 6 copies printe

Video Production Challenge

Teachers will select finalist video edits. Students will vote on their picks. Selected videos will be published on YouTube. Who can harness the power of video editing to show off the coolest effects, and send the most inspiring message?

Fine Arts and Enrichment

Digital Music

Students have access to an online Digital Audio workstation. Soundtrap allows students to create sounds using loops and recordings, as well as play virtual instruments. Multiple students can collaborate on one composition and update in real time.

Illustra Media has produced numerous faith-based video productions. Many of these videos address topical issues in Science and Spirituality, investigating commonly held world views and narratives on these issues through a Biblical lens. This content has been made available for free on a temporary basis.