Student Software and Extensions


Extensions are web-based tools that run with the Google Chrome browser. Students may download extensions that have been approved by the Carroll County Public Schools Instructional Technology Team. Click HERE to access the list of approved extensions, as well as the links to download the extensions. Extensions that are approved for student use are marked as "All CCPS Google Users". Click HERE to access tutorials for commonly used extensions like Screencastify, and Kami.

The Company Portal

CCPS students are permitted to download approved software to their CCPS device. Approved software can be found in the Company Portal. To access the Company Portal, follow the instructions below.

Locate the search bar on the bottom left of the laptop screen and click on it. A window will open. Select Apps from the top of this window.

After clicking on Apps, type Company Portal in the Search box. Alternatively, you can type Apps: Company Portal rather than clicking on Apps. You will see a blue Company Portal icon at the top of the search window.

If this is your first time using Company Portal, you will have to click to Install this app. Type Microsoft Store and install Microsoft Store. When installing Microsoft Store, ignore the additional sign in. Once in Microsoft Store, search for and install Company Portal.

Once in Company Portal, there is a search icon (it looks like a magnifying glass) on the left side of the screen. Click here to search for the software that you need. Then, click Install to install the software onto your laptop. You may need to restart your laptop for the software to appear for use.

It is strongly recommended that students only download software they need for classes. Any additional software can slow down the laptop. To uninstall software, students can go back to the Company Portal, search for the software, and click "Uninstall".