The Carlisle Public Schools is pleased to invite our community members to join us in completing this 28-day anti-racism challenge. In keeping with Carlisle Public Schools' commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for our entire community, we encourage you to participate as we read, watch, listen, reflect, and discuss these resources.

How do I participate?

Beginning October 8th and in observance of Indigenous Peoples' Day, CPS invites you to join in our community anti-racism challenge. To participate, simply engage with the presented resources each week. You'll have opportunities to read, listen, watch, reflect, and act. Each week also has three bonus resources for those who have additional time to invest in this challenge. We encourage you to utilize the daily journal to help you track your progress throughout the 28 days.

Our hope is that these resources will inspire discussions that serve to deepen our connections within the Carlisle community, as well as inspire us to take action in creating a more just and equitable community.

Please note that this challenge is intended for an adult audience.

What if I'm not able to complete the challenge at this time?

Any member of the CPS community can access these resources during the course of the school year for individual learning and reflection. We encourage you to find a small group of friends, neighbors, family members, etc. with whom to take the challenge.

I completed the challenge, and I'm ready to take action!

Carlisle community members who are interested in furthering this work are welcome to join our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Community Advisory Council (DEICAC). To get involved, email us at socialjustice@carlisle.k12.ma.us.

If you've participated in the challenge and would like to give us feedback, please fill out this google form. Thank you!


This challenge was inspired by the 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge developed by Dr. Eddie Moore, as well as the Nashoba Brooks School Antiracism Challenge.

These resources were not edited and are not intended to represent the view of Carlisle Public Schools. This collection of videos, articles, podcasts, etc. were selected with the intention of fostering learning, understanding, and community discussion.

Carlisle, Massachusetts is located on the ancestral, unceded lands of the Nipmuc, Massachusett, and the Pawtucket-Pennacook nations. We acknowledge that our nation was built on the oppression of First Nations and Indigenous communities. Despite forced removal, genocide, disease, family separation, enslavement, and other acts of racism, Indigenous people still thrive in our state. If you'd like to learn more, visit the Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness at www.mcnaa.org.