Team Moms

The job of a team mom (or dad) is simple, yet very important. Our purpose is to handle the logistical tasks so that the coach can focus on developing skills and strategies for the players. The Team Mom will communicate with all parents from the team to pass on important information and to coordinate things such as snacks, sweatshirt orders, and a team party.

Team parents are required to register a background check with the league as well as complete SafeSport risk management training. Visit the Volunteer Training page for more details.


  • Snacks - does your team want to do snacks (optional)? If so, assign a snack schedule (your coach will provide you with a copy of the roster and game schedule).
  • Photos - distribute and collect order forms for your team on Opening Day.
  • Sweatshirts - if anyone wants to order a team sweatshirt, you will collect information and payment, place the order and distribute when ready.
  • Trophies - be the point person to ensure proper spelling of player names and to be sure all players receive their trophy.
  • Team Party - if your team wishes to do a party separate from the Closing Ceremonies, you will be collecting money from your team and planning (you can always get help from other parents).

Ordering Sweatshirts:

Contact: Bad Bear Sports Wear

Rick is great about getting sweatshirts ready on time, but please be courteous and order early on so that he has ample time to complete orders before it gets cold (weather is unpredictable, as we all know!).