This web page has links for coaches to complete their coach preseason registration requirements. Head coach and assistant coach candidates are required to complete all of the items described on this page. For assistance with difficulties accessing your Cal South account, or any questions about the preseason coach requirements, please send an email to our coach coordinator

Summary of Requirements

  1. Setup your Cal South administrator account (you're going to administer a team). If you registered your child in the league this year or in the past, you already have an account with us. Please do not create a new, additional account! Send an email to with your legal name, child's name (if you have a child in the league), birthday, phone number and street address. It may take a couple days to get your admin account setup (volunteer registrar, remember). You do not need to wait for your administrator account to be setup to begin the training courses.
  2. US. SOCCER Grassroots Coaching License - Our rec league coaches only need the first level of online training appropriate to the level of the game you're coaching 4v4 for u6 & u8 levels, 7v7 for u10 coaches, 9v9 for the 12 division, and u14 and u18 coaches should take the 11v11 course. Higher levels of training are available and will absolutely make a difference in your success as a coach and your team's success, and we encourage coaches to pursue the highest level of training that meets their family and personal goals!
    • Concussion Awareness Training - Learn how to recognize and respond to a concussion, be alert for other serious brain injuries, and how to safely return to school and sports. Concussion training is now included in the US Soccer coaching license and you don't have to do anything extra to find it!
  3. SafeSport Risk Management Training - a national-level requirement for adult volunteer participants in minor/adolescent sport organizations
  4. Background Check - at this time, historic background checks with our league are still good, as long as we can find them in the system. Coach coordinator will advise you if you need one (even if you think you had one in the past). Anyone who has not had a background check WITH OUR ORGANIZATION will need one, even if you've had one in the past with another organization. The background check service is paid for by the league and is usually available at the first week of games, or when posted by the coach coordinator.

U.S. Soccer Coach License

  1. In the top right of the page, look for the Sign Up button and create a new account (or log in if you’ve already got an account). If you know the name and email address you used in your Cal South account, use the same information in your US Soccer account.
  2. After you create your account (you may want to click the link again so we’re on the same page), use the link in the main body of the page for “REGISTER FOR COURSES”
  3. Look for Grassroots coaching > online course
  4. Go directly to the grassroots course for your division, and in the eligibility requirements there will be a link to the “introductory module”. You need to take BOTH the introductory module as well as the grassroots course for your division. You will need a payment code from the league which you can get by contacting the league's coach coordinator. There is also a concussion module included in the training which will satisfy your concussion awareness training requirement.
  5. When you have completed these, you will have the option to download a completion certificate as a PDF file. Save the file to your computer. Your completion information should be sent to Cal South by the US Soccer system, but in case there is a problem you’ll need the completion certificate.

SafeSport Training

  1. You will be prompted to create an account. You'll need an access code from the director of coaches, and our “Membership” organization is U.S. Soccer. It is important to use the same name and email in your Cal South account. You may need to log in to your email account and verify the email address.
  2. Find the SafeSport training link and begin the course.
  3. When you have completed the training, make sure to save the completion certificate PDF file to your computer.
  4. Log into your Cal South account and upload your certificate to the spot that looks like a fake SafeSport Training certificate.