Draft Procedures



A. Team balance, equality, and fairness will be considered first amongst any drafting procedures or team formation.

B. Requests are welcomed in U6 and U8 age groups but are not guaranteed. Player requests may only be submitted by Parents. Coaches may only request players related to themselves or their Assistant coach. Sponsor requests will be strongly considered based on the relationship with said sponsor and the league.

C. The VP will be held responsible for the drafting procedures, team formation, and all other responsibilities related to player distribution. A second board member must be present during each draft to witness and ensure that the VP adheres to these rules and regulations. In the event the VP is unable to attend a draft the President may choose a Board Member to take the VP’s place .


A. Teams will be formed using the Team Formation Procedures adopted by the VP.

B. In advance of the meeting, player’s rating and information will be prepared. Coaches from previous seasons or coaches considered for the current season will be able to provide insight, evaluations, and concerns about players’ ratings.

C. After Team Formation is complete, the players on each team are recorded on a piece of paper. A list of each team will be given to the Registrar for further distribution.

D. Once the draft has been completed for each age group, the VP will schedule a meeting for all coaches in each age division for team distribution.


1. Up to THREE (3) players may be reserved.

Blind Coaches Pick Draft

Teams may roster no more than the maximum roster allowed in the BBSL Rules and Regulations for the current season. These roster limitations are subject to changes of the tournament rules of District 5 and/or Cal South.

a. Up to THREE (3) players may be reserved.

i. Siblings or family members must be within the three reserved players and will not be allowed to be moved at a later date.

ii. All ride share requirements must be within the three reserved and will not be allowed to be moved at a later date.

All Coaches in attendance will help create teams with the Coaches three reserved players removed from the creation of remaining team players. If a Coach is absent or not chosen yet three players of equal ranking will be chosen as their reserve players.

The coaches will pick players in turn starting with the highest ranked players until all players have been chosen. Once the preliminary teams have been created all Coaches will discuss the teams for optional changes. Each coach will have three turns to change one player in the preliminary teams.

After all players have been placed on teams, the VP will determine if the teams are balanced based on the number of ranked players equally across all teams, taking into account the reserved player rankings.

The VP will then number the Coaches and teams. Then the VP will pull from a hat the team numbers and assign them to the Coaches.

Coaches who are unable or unaware that they are required to attend the draft will be represented by all parties in attendance.

Once teams have been considered finalized, no trades or changes are allowed.