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This page has links, information and details for coaches which are pertinent to the ongoing season.



Turkey tournament Nov 29-Dec 1 (click to look at the registration form) U10 - $200, U12 & up $250. Up to 7 loan players from other teams allowed. Teams have to pay for themselves.

U18 Open Cup - Hosted by: Rialto Youth Soccer League Saturday & Sunday November 9 & 10, 2019 Jerry Eaves Park, 1485 N. Ayala Dr., Rialto 92376

U10-U14 Commissioner's Cup - Hosted by: Temecula Valley Soccer Association Saturday & Sunday December 7 & 8, 2019(Girls) Various Locations-Visit Calendar for details; Saturday & Sunday December 14 & 15, 2019(Coed) Various Locations-Visit Calendar for details. Teams entered into play in the Commissioner’s Cup Tournament shall consist only of first and second place teams within the District 5 recreational play of their respective leagues.

U10-U14 President's Cup - Hosted by: Apple Valley Youth Soccer League Saturday & Sunday January 4 & 5, 2020(Girls); Saturday & Sunday January 11 & 12, 2020(Coed); Brewster Park, 21027 Otoe Rd., Apple Valley 92307; Teams entered into play in President's Cup shall consist of outstanding players (All Stars) in their respective age groups and divisions as selected by their individual leagues within District 5 recreational teams.

U10-U14 Tournament of Champions - Hosted by: Palm Desert Youth Soccer League Saturday & Sunday January 25 & 26, 2020; Hovley Soccer Park, 74735 Hovley Ln., Palm Desert 92260; Teams entered into play in Tournament of Champion's shall consist of Champion or Finalist teams from President’s Cup or Wild Card Placement based on total points from President’s Cup.

PLAYERS - Dropped players must be reported to

SCHEDULES - View game schedules on the Schedules Page

  • September 28 TBD location is....... Big Bear High School! (They came through after all!)
  • No games the October 12 weekend of fall break. High school fields are unavailable September 28 so no games for u10 boys that day; u6 and u8 games Sept 28 location TBD.

TEAM PARENTS / TEAM MOM - Please visit the Team Parent web page for suggestions about coordinating with your Team Parent. Please contact coaching coordinator and let us know who is your appointment for Team Parent

BALL SIZE, GAME LENGTH, FIELD SIZE, SPECIAL RULES - Cal South publishes a document summarizing the rules across age groups. Note we do not have all the age group divisions listed, so rules for the next older group always apply (e.g. u7 will use u8 rules). 2019-2020 Cal South PDI's. 7v7 special rules. 9v9 special rules.


  • Please inform parents to get out of the car and check-in kids - no curbside dropoff!
  • Lock gate if you are the only team on the field when you leave, regardless of time of day. Also lock porto-potties.
  • Practice fields are available weekdays 3pm-7pm. 2019 season practice fields are Big Bear Elementary, Big Bear Middle School & Baldwin Lane Elementary

GAMEDAY FIELDS - All home games are at Big Bear High School. First game of the day plan to help setup nets and corner flags. Last game of the day please remove nets from goal frames and put in net bags. Collect corner flags. Pick up trash. Tie off trash bag and dispose in school dumpster.

PLAYER CARDS - It is the responsibility of the coach to bring player cards and coach identification to all interleague matches. Referees will check player cards at the start of matches and verify with game cards.

REFEREES - Referee coordinator can be contacted at Ages u10 and up are intended to have referees at every game. u8 games will have referees when available.

GAME CARDS - Download a PDF game card and type your player info in, let your printer do the work! Please print on heavy duty paper, 2 sided (the file has a front and back), and remember to keep them dry in your coach's bag! Roster cards / game cards need to be filled out with date, time team name, final score (referee tracks red/yellow cards and substitutions on your game card) and a referee confirmation (signature/name) AND EMAIL TO


  • u6 / u8 substitutions happen on the fly or at stoppage of play per agreement with other coach. Don't wait for quarter time - the kids aren't that patient. Divide up game time equally to all players.
  • u10 & up substitutions happen at quarter time. Clock runs. Enter field from center field line only. Each eligible player MUST be played 50% of the match.

SIDELINES - Coaches and players from both teams on one side of the field; all parents on the other side of the field. Anyone on the coach/player side of the field must be a registered team administrator. Acceptable fan/parent behavior is the responsibility of each team; coaches can be held responsible for inappropriate fan behavior.

LEAGUE STANDINGS / POINTS SCORE - Interleague schedules have been coordinated in such a way as to provide a basis for including interleague games in league standings. All teams in each division were able to be assigned to play an identical set of opponents (though not controlled for when during the season each team is played). Points for games against an out-of-league opponent DO COUNT toward the in-the-league points race. Points are awarded as follows:

  • (3) Points for a win
  • (1) Point for each team in a draw
  • Backup for ties is Goals Scored / Goals Against

Please remember to PHOTOGRAPH your GAME CARD at ALL GAMES and EMAIL to

The first two teams in each division, by end of season points, earn Commissioner's Cup tournament slots. The first place team by points has head coach nominated as All-Star team Head Coach.

FIRST AID - Please put your players' parent's phone number(s) in your phone so you don't have to fumble around looking for it if you suddenly have a medical problem. Keep your players' registration forms on hand to establish consent to treat for medical professionals in case the need arises. On the field, be ready to stop bleeding. Nose bleeds and broken skin...

CLOSING CEREMONIES - Currently scheduled for November 6th at 6pm at Wyatts