Mr. Reymann's Classes for 2020-2021

What I'm Currently Reading

Manalive by G.K. Chesterton

As some of my previous students know, I absolutely love Chesterton's style and wit with portraying the deep symbolism and significance of the live of the everyday man. I even like to read an excerpt from one of his essays like the one on Cheese if we are ahead and need a break. Beauty does not lie only in masterpieces of great artists, but also in the humorous and mundane! Continuing my appreciation for his writing then, I've decided to read one of his novels, this one in particular because I am told I remind people of one of the main characters. What that means I don't know, but I'm interested to find out!

Get to know me

I am a 2019 graduate of Hillsdale College with a major in economics. I am very blessed and excited to be a part of the Ben Franklin community! Academically speaking I am passionate about how societies in general and our country in particular operate and become prosperous, while hobby-wise I enjoy ballroom dancing, whittling, trap shooting, and the occasional video-game like Civilization (History related of course!). History and storytelling have also always played a big part in my family, and in fact, I come from a long line of history teachers! What inspires me the most is the pursuit of Truth as a participation of our humanity, and for this reason I greatly look forward with working you all and am honored to a part of your journeys!