Our Class sites

At Ashhurst School all teacher planning is available for children and families to view at home. The sites contain flipped videos of what the teacher is trying to teach that week with your child. As parents you can watch these flips as well, to gain the strategies or focus. Children are welcome to view this learning at anytime. If there are any issues or confusion, please contact your classroom teacher. A reminder you will need to log into your school account to be able to view all of the information.

Mrs Angela Morriss

Mrs Catherine Chittenden

Miss Nicole Thessman

Miss Sarah Bush

Miss Brooke Weel

Mrs Julie Cranshaw

Mrs Emily Johnson

Mrs Jane Fowell

Mrs Michelle Pearce

Mrs Emma Parkinson

Mr Scott Larsen

Mrs Amy Law

Mrs Kelly Jones

Mrs Megan Wilson

Mrs Felicity Marsh

Mrs Toni Bradley

Mrs Kate Reweti

Miss Alicia Schreiber

Miss Katelyn Herbert

Mr James Lowry

Mrs Lizzie Ash

Mrs Lauren Chappell

Mr Reece Brosnan

Miss Sarah Ashcroft

Mr Grayson Marsh