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Welcome to the 2022 basketball season.

Registration links and further details, such as times dates etc (Click on the year group)

Year 3/4

Year 5/6

Year 7/8

Registrations due dates

Year 3/4: All children (boys and girls) must be registered via this form by N/A

Year 5/6: All children (boys and girls) must be registered via this form by Friday, February 18

Year 7/8: All children (boys and girls) must be registered via this form by N/A

Please read the following information carefully and do not complete the registration form until you are certain you can commit to the full season. Once you have registered and paid no refunds will be provided


Year 3/4: $ 95.00

Year 5/6: $ 95.00

Year 7/8: $ 100.00

Fees will need to be paid in advance before playing. Students will not be able to play until payment has been made or sorted through the school office.

Vaccine Pass Information:

Basketball Manawatu a have advised that children over the age of 12 years and 3 months will no longer require a vaccine pass to play in school team in the intermediate competition.


There have been some significant pressures on us as an Association to clean up the issues with our Database. We simply cannot have players entering the space and playing for teams without first registering with us. It will be compulsory for each individual player, coach and referee to register as a Member of our Association on an annual basis. The fee for this has been set at $10, with an early-bird discount of 50% offered to those who complete this process before Week 1 of our Winter Competitions. Anyone who is not registered by 1 May will incur the full fee of $10. This fee is payable only once annually regardless of how many teams a player enters into through the year. Basketball Manawatu will take care of this part of the process which will be separate to the school fee. A flyer, link and full information will be sent to schools for distributing to your players. It will also be made available on our website and all of our Social Media platforms. Players will NOT be able to register to a School team unless they are registered to our association as a Member. Much like the process most Rugby clubs follow.


Students will need to purchase their own Ashhurst School sports shirt through Academy Apparel prior to the season commencing from Year 1-6. The cost of a sports shirt is $31.50. This can be used for all sports teams. Children are required to also wear a navy blue shorts. These can be purchased at Kmart for approximately $8 a pair. In Year 7/8, students will be provided with a school uniform top to play in.

All students agree to the terms and conditions of the Ashhurst School Student Code of Conduct. This is located on the main sports page