Ashhurst School Sports Programme

Ashhurst School provides a very wide-ranging variety of sporting opportunities at school. We cater for all levels of sportsperson from participation focused and fitness-based to competitive events. The school provides opportunities for children to participate in weekly sports in the following teams;

  • Basketball

  • Hockey

  • Touch

  • Netball

  • Volleyball

    • Children are able to register for these sports by visiting the drop-down menu, picking the sport and filling in the form

Within school hours we provide a wide range of opportunities as well such as

  • Elite sport (Touch, Netball, Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby, Football, Cross Country, Athletics). These are one-off day events

  • Year 5/6 Super Sports and Ricoh Sports (Netball, basketball, Football and Rugby)

  • Central Football Tournaments

  • Rippa Rugby Tournaments

Ashhurst School also provides a sports coach (Andre Taylor) who works with classes and teams on building confidence and capability. Our Year 7/8 students have the opportunity to be part of a "Sports Academy" where they apply to be apart of and are part of a programme that runs weekly for the whole year. This programme covers items such as fitness development and programme, nutrition, rest and recovery etc.

Sports such as

  • Cricket

  • Rugby

  • Football

Are all club-based and have to be run by clubs in the Manawatu. There is both an Ashhurst Pohangina Rugby and Football Club in the village. Cricketers will need to register with a club in either Palmerston North or Feilding.

There is also a local Ashhurst Athletics club as well.

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Ashhurst School Code of Conduct

Ashhurst School Sports Code of Conduct

If students are to play any sport under Ashhurst School, they must accept the following conditions

1. Support the selection process of the school and specific sports.

2. Attend all games and practices as required by your coach. Failure to fulfil these requirements, or make contact with a coach or manager regarding excuse for absence from practice will result in a stand-down/time on the sideline for the following game.

3. Players stood down will still be expected to attend games and support their team.

4. All students are expected to show team commitment and loyalty.

5. Students are expected to show and treat their coaches, managers and fellow team members with full respect as they would expect in return.

6. Correct playing uniform must be worn at all times.

7. All players must assist with team duties and responsibilities. Failure to assist will result in a removal/ stand down from the team.

8. Students are expected to display a high level of appropriate behaviour on and off the game area.

9. Students will abide by the Fairplay Charter, and show respect towards their opposition.

10. All fees must be paid before the commencement of the season.

11. By filling in the google registration form you have agreed to these conditions above.