Who's Who???

At Ashhurst School all teacher planning is available for children and families to view at home. The sites contain flipped videos of what the teacher is trying to teach that week with your child. As parents you can watch these flips as well, to gain the strategies or focus. Children are welcome to view this learning at anytime. If there are any issues or confusion, please contact your classroom teacher. A reminder you will need to log into your school account to be able to view all of the information. All this information is located on the class site.

Wharite - Year 7/8

Room 1 - Part time teacher

Lauren Chappell


Room 3 - Teacher Aide

Tash Taylor

Tararua - Year 5/6

Room 21 - Teacher Aide

Kylie Blenkiron

Room 22 - Teacher Aide

Jo Richards

Tūranga - Year 3/4

Room 15 - Teacher Aide

Pip Rolton

Room 16 - Teacher Aide

Hayley Childs

Room 14

Adrian Kirk

Room 13 -Teacher Aide

Susan Windsor

Room 17 - Teacher Aide

Tracey Smith

Ruahine - New Entrant/y2

Room 10

Angela Morriss


More about Ange

Class Site

Room 11

Megan Wilson


More about Megan

Class Site

Room 12

Sarah Stephens


More about Sarah

Class Site

Room 10

Pam Perkins

Office Administrators

Office Administrator

Michelle Huxford


Office Administrator

Carolyn Dredge


Executive Officer

Colleen Davies


Release Teachers

Teacher Release/Tech

Catherine Chittenden


Teacher Release/Tech

Felicity Marsh


Teacher Release

Nikki Stockman


Teacher Release

Sally Groube