Standard Edition


 TM GmailTM

Get custom email like with 7G storage per user

 TM Google CalendarTM

Organize your schedule and share events with friends

Google TalkTM

See real-time availability and status of friends online. Send instant text messages. Easily go from text to voice chat. Chat right from your desktop or from Gmail

 TM Google DocsTM

Share online documents, presentations, and spreadsheets

 TM Google SitesTM

Create websites and group wikis


Includes the Following:

  • 30 days of support
  • Up to 50 User Accounts
  • Verify Domain in Google AppsTM
  • Customize the appearance for your business using your branding
  • Create User Accounts
  • Create Groups
  • Set time zone information
  • Enable SSL domain-wide (https://…)
  • Setup custom URLs for your Google AppsTM services
  • Configure Gmail settings & MX Records
  • Configure Calendar settings, create resources, and sharing options
  • Configure Google Sites settings and sharing options
  • Configure Google Docs settings and sharing options
  • Mobile Device Setup
  • Cost 

    Account Setup - $199 (limited time offer) 
    Free up to 50 Users

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