Research Interests

Main Research Area:  Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • Sensing and analytics for smart manufacturing.
  • Modeling, synthesis, and diagnosis for large and complex manufacturing systems.
  • Data mining and machine learning for manufacturing and service applications.

Funded Research Projects

At Virginia Tech

  1. Office of Naval Research (sub-award via the University of Tennessee-Knoxville), (2018-2021) “Rationalization of Liquid/Solid and Solid/Solid Interphase Instabilities during Thermal-Mechanical Transients of Metal Additive Manufacturing.” Amount: $4,500,000 (personal share: $750,000). Position: PI at VT (Lead PI: Dr. S. Babu at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville).
  2. Office of Naval Research, (2018-2020) “Ensuring Additive Manufacturing Quality and cyber Physical Security via Side Channel Data Fusion and the Cyber Physical Hash.” Amount: $249,677 (personal share: $121,274). Position: Co-PI (PI: Dr. Chris Williams).
  3. Department of Energy/Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, (2018-2020) “Energy-Efficient Material Processing through Automated Process Monitoring and Controls.” Amount: $1,000,000 (VT share: $259,000; personal share: $202,000). Position: Lead PI.
  4. Northrop Grumman (sub-award via ISE VT for undergrad research), (2018), “Additive Manufacturing In-Situ Process Monitoring and Post-Processing for Quality Assurance.” Amount: $20,000. Position: co-PI.
  5. Virginia Tech - The Diversity and Inclusion Seed Grants program, (2018), “Machine Learning-based Data Analytics for Online Quality Control of Additive Manufacturing.” Amount: $10,000. Position: PI.
  6. National Science Foundation, (2017-2021), “CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Cyber-Enabled Online Quality Assurance for Scalable Additive Bio-Manufacturing,” amount: $1,000,000 (VT portion: $800,000). Position: Lead PI.
  7. US Economic Development Administration (sub-award via Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development), (2017), “Thermal Gradient Modeling, Monitoring and Control for Additive Friction Stir (AFS) Process.” Amount: $30,000 (personal share: $15,000). Position: PI.
  8. Center for Commonwealth Advanced Manufacturing, (2016), “Data analytics for advanced manufacturing processes.” Amount: $20,000. Position: PI.
  9. GenEdge, (2016), “An Online Machine Vision System for Additive Friction Stir Surface Quality Monitoring and Control.” Amount: $25,600. Position: PI.
  10. NIH-STTR Phase I, (2015), “A Dual-Polarized Doppler Radar System for Fall Detection in an Indoor Environment.” Amount: $86,818 (personal share: $2,676), Co-PI (PI: Dr. Maury Nussbaum).
  11. Center for Commonwealth Advanced Manufacturing, (2015), “Online Surface Measurement,” amount: $96,446 (VT share $50,000). Position: PI.
  12. National Science Foundation, (2014-2017), "GOALI: Online Defect Detection and Mitigation Method for Incipient Anomalies in Additive Manufacturing Processes," amount: $300,000, Position: PI.
  13. Center for Commonwealth Advanced Manufacturing, (2014), “In-Process Surface Finishing Measurement,” amount: $35,000. Position: PI.

At Oklahoma State University

  1. National Science Foundation, (2013-2016), “Atomistic Dynamics of AE Generation in Ultra-Precision Machining (UPM) for Incipient Anomaly Detection,” requested amount: $200,000, Position: Co-PI.
  2. National Science Foundation, (2011-2014), “A Recurrent Nested Bayesian Non-parametric Model for Real Time Monitoring of Pattern Dependent Surface Topography in Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP),” amount: $355,000, Position: PI.
  3. National Science Foundation, (2009-2012, extended to 2013), “GOALI: Collaborative Research: A Mode-Based Simulation Enabling Model and Methodologies for Geometric Variation and Tolerance Control,” amount: $170,000, Position: PI.
  4. National Science Foundation, (2010-2013), “Characterization and Real Time Defect Mitigation in Chemical/Mechanical Polishing of Microelectronic Wafers Using Decision Theory and MultiSensor Fusion,” amount: $400,000, Position: co-PI.
  5. National Science Foundation, (2008-2009), “Sequential Bayesian Decision Making for End-Point Detection and Control in Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Processes,” amount: $80,000, Position: co-PI.
  6. Department of Transportation through Oklahoma Transportation Center, (2009-2012), “Development of a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Guidebook for Critical Bridge Structures,” amount: $300,000, Position: PI.
  7. Department of Transportation through Oklahoma Transportation Center, (2010-2011), “Acquisition of a Lidar Laser Scanner for Bridge Inspection,” amount: $200,000, Position: PI.
  8. Department of Transportation through Oklahoma Transportation Center, (2009-2011), “Proactive Approach to Transportation Resource Allocation under Severe Weather Emergencies,” amount: $261,194, Position: co-PI.
  9. National Institute of Standards and Technology, (Aug. 2006-Nov. 2006), “Support for Development of Stream-of-Variation Analysis System for Multistage Manufacturing Processes”, subcontract from Dimensional Control Systems, Inc., amount: $15,000, Position: PI.