Current Students

Ph.D. Students

  • Chen-ang Liu (expected to graduate in 2019), Dissertation topic: Image based process monitoring and control for advanced manufacturing.
  • Bo Shen (expected to graduate in 2022), Dissertation topic: Transfer learning for process monitoring.
  • Jihoon Chung (expected to graduate in 2022), Dissertation topic: Deep reinforcement learning for process control.
  • Maede Maftouni (expected to graduate in 2022), Dissertation topic: Deep learning for energy system modeling and control.
  • Andrew Law (expected to graduate in 2023), Dissertation topic: Development of additive manufacturing metrology systems.

M.S. Student

  • Rongxuan Wang (expected to graduate in 2018), Thesis topic: Post processing for additive Manufactured Parts.

Former Students

Ph.D. Students

  • Kaveh Bastani (graduated in Feb. 2016), Dissertation title: "Compressive sensing approaches for sensor-based predictive analytics in manufacturing and service systems" (3 journal paper published/accepted, and 1 journal paper submitted), Senior Analytics Engineer at UniFund, Inc.
  • Jia (Peter) Liu (graduated in July 2017), Dissertation title: "Heterogeneous Sensor Data based Online Quality Assurance for Advanced Manufacturing using Spatiotemporal Modeling," Data Scientist at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

M.S. Students (with Thesis)

  • David Roberson (graduated in August 2016), Thesis title: "Sensor-based Online Process Monitoring in Advanced Manufacturing."