Dr. Vijay Gaikwad

Head, Department of Electronics Engineering, 

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, 

666, Upper Indira Nagar, Bibwewadi,

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Email: hodelectronics@vit.edu,   vijay.gaikwad@vit.edu

Welcome  to  my homepage.

My research area is Computer Vision which  is  the state of  the  art technology that has became an integral part of the human life since last few years. On my site, you can browse for technical information on Analog communication - subject of radio transmitters and receivers, Signals and System - domain  of various signal processing techniques, MATLAB & SIMULINK - engineering simulation software tool and Computer Vision - Science of information retrieval from images and videos. You will also find the information about Electronics Engineering - a fundamental course in Electronics Engineering as well as Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Hardware Workshop - subject of hands on hardware aspects of Electronics Engineering.

Pages are packed with syllabus, home assignments and other resources. My lecture notes  and video notes will present glimpse as well as details of important concepts.

Various technical events are conducted by myself for dissemination of technology and knowledge that helped the students and faculty members.




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