Meeting Minutes

Becker Professional - Tim Cullen

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Location: Centennial Rm 2205

Date and Time: 2/22/2012, 5:30pm

Officers Present: 
Chris Follen, April Taylor, Felicia Geray, Ryan Filtz, Sam Hugo

Absent Officers: Van Nguyen, Jorie Weirich

Counselors Present:

Counselors Absent: Pr. Mass

Order of Business:
  • Tim Cullen presented about Becker Professional, and their CPA exam review. 
  • Tim also informed us about the benefits of earning your CPA, along with the five steps associated with preparing for exam day. 
  • Learned that the exam is split up into four parts and all parts have to be passed in a 18 month time frame. In addition Mr. Cullen stated that there are three ways that Becker can help one prepare for the exam. The ways are as followed, face to face class, online with an instructor, and self study. 
  • A sign up for tutor hours was made available, tutor hours are on Wednesday nights from 7-9.  
  • There is an addition to the calendar, and the presenter will he Reinhart.  

Karla Stanek

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Location: Centennial Rm 2214

Date and Time: 2/08/2012, 5:30pm

Officers Present: Scott Pagenkopf, 
Van Nguyen, Chris Follen, April Taylor, Felicia Geray, Ryan Filtz

Absent Officers:

Counselors Present: Pr. Maas

Counselors Absent: 

Order of Business:

  • Karla Stanek was the guest speaker and she talked about resume building and interview tips. She also talked about businesses that will be coming to campus during the spring semester, and different career service events including Prep for Success and the Spring Career Expo.
  • Discussed what BAP is all about and how to become a member of Beta Alpha Psi.
  • Talked about new open board positions, including VP of Volunteering and VP of Fundraising.
    • Jorie Weirich -VP of Volunteering.
    • Ryan Filtz - President.
    • Sam Hugo -VP of Fundraising.
  • Next meeting will be February 22nd at 5:30, and the speaker will be Becker Professional Education.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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The Iota Upsilon Chapter

Location: CWH Rm 327

Date and Time: 12/14/2011, 5:30pm

Officers Present: Scott Pagenkopf, Van Nguyen, Chris Follen, April Taylor, Felicia Geray, Kim Berg, Jamie Satterlee, Maria Betz, Samantha Croswell, Ryan Filtz

Absent Officers:

Counselors Present: Pr. Maas

Counselors Absent: 

Order of Business:
  • Discussed importance of keeping all officer responsibilities/information, deadlines, and Contacts on google docs shared for all officers
  • Confirmed postions for Spring 2011 semester:
    •         President: Scott Pagenkopf
    •         President Elect: Van Nguyen
    •         VP Recruiting: Chris Follen
    •         VP Volunteering: Ryan Filtz
    •         VP Fundraising: Ryan FIltz
    •         Treasurer: April Taylor
    •         Secretary: Felicia Geray
  • Recruiting ideas for the Spring semester:
    • asking professors of 321/322 classes to give incentives to students to attend meetings
      • also talking to the classes at the beginning of the semester about BAP
    • sharing calendar of events for all accounting declared students
    • keeping the freshman - BAP member mentor program going
    • volunteering at the Lax high school business event @ Lax Center
  • Discuss Regional Meeting in the Spring
  • Officers showing up 15 minutes early before presentations

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