Hello, my name is Marae Slyter and welcome to my page!  I graduated from the University of Washington Tacoma with a B.A. in Law and Policy and Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies with a concentration in legal studies and gender studies; and a minor in Human Rights.  I currently work at a law office as a legal assistant/marketing representative.  Eventually, I want to go to law school and become a personal injury attorney helping sexual assault victims.  
In addition, I'm currently journeying into voice acting to continue my love for acting.  I am a very well-rounded person and I'm passionate about everything I set my mind to.  This has led me to become the leader I am today by encouraging others to reach their full potential in following their dreams.

    This page will address my leadership philosophy/definition, how I apply my values/attitudes through leadership, and an example of my leadership in action.  I am the former president and co-founder of the Student Theater Acting Guild (STAG) organization since its start in 2013.  Given the lack of theater curriculum and extracurricular opportunities at UW Tacoma, STAG has filled this void by providing acting, directing, and production opportunities for UWT students, staff, and faculty as well as the Tacoma community at large.  Currently, UWT doesn't have any performing arts majors or programs.  However, my efforts contributed in producing the first ever original play at UW Tacoma.  Since then STAG has become a central hub for organizations to collaborate with us and grow with us.   By producing staged readings and limited-budget full stage productions, the organization hopes not only to provide educational opportunities for the actors and organizers, but also bring high quality original stage productions to the campus for low or no charge.  We work closely with the Tacoma community and other communities to create a vibrant artistic outlet to the campus, the city, and our neighboring cities.  We have been in contact with the Salvation Army, Metro Parks Tacoma, and the Latino Theatre Projects in Seattle just to name a few.  STAG has put on plays about women in literary history, immigration, stage read original student playwrights, and our play this past spring was on physical disabilities: This Side of Heaven written by Don Zolidis.  I'm very proud of this production because not only did I direct and produce it, but it was all student-led.  This is my leadership in action project that I am excited to share with you.  Below are the pictures from the show and the program I created for the show.  Thank you for visiting my page and enjoy! :)