Joline Uichanco
Assistant Professor of Technology and Operations
University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

About Me

My research interests are in e-commerce retail operations (pricing, inventory management, fulfillment, assortment). In particular, I am interested in these issues from the perspective of an omni-channel retailer or of a pure e-commerce retailer.  The focus of my research is in developing policies that are implementable in a realistic setting. I have worked with several major U.S. retailers on these topics, including Target, Best Buy, Kohl's, Office Depot, and Staples.

A second research area that I am interested in is humanitarian logistics. Particularly, I am interested in developing decision support tools that help response agencies to pre-position relief items before a typhoon or hurricane. This work is inspired from a previous collaboration that I had with the Philippine government.

Please visit my research page for more information about my work.


• Ph.D. in Operations Research, MIT Operations Research Center, September 2013
• Master of Science in Computation for Design and Optimization, MIT, 2007 
• Master of Science in Computational Engineering, National University of Singapore, 2007
• Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computational Finance, National University of Singapore, 2006 

Contact Information

Email: jolineu [at]
Office: R4418
Phone: (734) 936-267