Vision & Mission

The vision of Trevor-Wilmot Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

is to empower students to be successful in the world as it will be,

to enhance learning and teaching.

The mission of TWC CIA is to

  • amplify student learning in a world-class school district
  • create and maintain challenging, relevant curriculum
  • use reliable research and district data to inform decisions
  • provide a balanced assessment system that provides evidence of successful performance
  • deliver relevant and engaging professional development

As a world-class district, all stakeholders

have a sense of belonging and ownership. The learning environment promotes safety, acceptance, understanding, community pride, risk-taking, and intrinsic motivation. All stakeholders engage in collaboration and communication.


  • are motivated and exhibit enthusiasm for learning
  • value education highly and take responsibility for their own progress
  • are held to high expectations for academic, social, and emotional learning


  • create an environment that encourages positive relationships
  • collaborate professionally and facilitate learning
  • model life-long learning
  • apply new and research-based methods of instruction
  • meet the various learning needs of individual students
  • are passionate about making a difference in the lives of all students

Support Staff Members

  • understand the overall targeted learning goals and provide assistance to achieve those goals
  • understand that their role is integral in the teaching and learning process
  • collaborate with teachers and participate in professional development, where appropriate, in an effort to enhance their role in students' achieving targeted learning goals


  • gives all stakeholders a voice
  • empowers stakeholders and promote collaboration in an effort to facilitate the ongoing positive transformation of the school district
  • welcomes innovation from all school district members and tap into the collective creativity of students, teachers, parents, and the community at large
  • models learning for teachers and students
  • supports teachers through professional coaching, and provides meaningful and timely feedback
  • ensures a quality education for all students

Parents, Guardians, and Extended Community Members

  • are valued as active and collaborative partners involved in decision making
  • as a result of their participation, are acutely aware of student performance
  • are engaged in respectful relationships with other stakeholders and develop mutual trust with school district staff
  • recognize that their input and involvement are essential to the success of the school district