PTO Meeting Notes about CIA

PTO Meeting

Notes from Jan. 14, 2014

Topic: Report Card formats

General feelings about formats:

· Families like:

o Details (skills), with ability to skim a short form and look for anything that is not the symbol for work being on level (ie: A’s, S for secure, etc.)

o “Clean” organization; well organized chart, color, not too busy

o Comments section and learning characteristics

· Families dislike:

o Combination of letter grade and standards –too much to look over. One or the other is enough.

o Comments that are too general and not specific to the individual child

Looking at other district examples:

· More detail about what students know or need to practice is valued over a short report.

· 4 levels of proficiency vs 3 gives more information

· Color helps make the card more understandable

· “Knowing what is proficient or advanced, and being able to see that quickly is most important, no matter what that symbol is – A,B C or SE, DE (NOT just “D” – that’s confusing), and BE."

· Keeping learning behaviors out of grades is great