Math at TWC

Math Vision

    • TWC will be a culture where all students are able to reason, problem solve, and communicate like mathematicians. All learners will develop lifelong critical thinking and effective mathematical skills in order to become productive members of our technological, global society.

Math Mission Statement

The mission of TWC is to ensure the educational success of all students by having high expectations, a commitment to excellence, and comprehensive math programming through collaboration, continual professional growth, and dedication.

Elementary Materials

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4th &5th Grade Individualized Learning with eSpark

Middle School Materials

The Carnegie Learning Math Series contains textbooks and MATHia software for grades 6-8. Together these instructional materials provide formative assessments, relevant problem-centered activities to develop mathematical reasoning and sense making skills, and technology to personalize learning.

The primary goal of the Carnegie Learning Math Series is to get students to think! We recognize the responsibility of providing instruction that respects the research on how students learn mathematics and believe in a continuous improvement model. Research can be difficult to implement in a practical way. Research shows that there is no magic bullet - there are no shortcuts; learning math requires mental effort. Our materials are designed to provide students with the appropriate tools to think deeply about mathematics and fluently execute the procedures.

Since the middle grades are critical for students to obtain mastery of mathematics, the courses were developed to align to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Students who complete the series will have a solid foundation to be successful in high school mathematics.