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Setup Help and Troubleshooting for MATHia (6th-8th)

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Tues 9/2: Please make sure your computer has the most recent version of Java. Please note that Mathia does not currently work on Chromebooks. Please contact Carnegie directly at 877-401-2527 or

Linked below are the slides students used in school the first time they signed in to MATHia. Please try theses steps on your home computer that involve unblocking pop-ups from Carnegie, the “Run Box” and the “Don’t Block” Box.

6th, 7th & 8th Grade

MATHia Login


If you are having issues after working through the help steps listed in this document, or require technical assistance, please contact Carnegie Customer Support staff.

Hours (EST): Mon–Fri, 8 AM to 9 PM / Sat/Sun - 8 AM to 9 PM (monitor phones)

Phone (Toll Free): 877-401-2527 | Email:

If you have to contact Carnegie Tech Support, please:

Reference the school and district you are calling from.

Make sure they assign you a ticket number for your issue. This is your way to follow up later.

Below are some specific details that might help at home...

What Internet Browser should I be using for accessing Carnegie tools?

Internet Browsers:

  • Windows XP: Minimum of IE 8 or FireFox 12; anything higher will work
  • Windows Vista 7, 8: IE 9 or higher, FireFox 20 or higher, Chrome 26 or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.6: Safari 5.1.7 or most current
  • Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8 or higher: Safari 6.0 or most current
  • Carnegie does not recommend using FireFox or Chrome on Mac

System Requirements - Go here and click the “CHECK SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS” to run a check of your computer or click on “VIEW SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS” to see what’s needed.

I understand we need “Java” to run Carnegie software. What is that?

Java is the platform that runs the Carnegie software and runs in your browser.

Windows users: please visit to download the most current version of Java.

(as of 10/28/13, Java 7 version 45). Other helpful guides are listed below…

Mac users:

  • To check your Mac OS X version, go to (Apple) and ABOUT THIS MAC. The Mac OS X version is listed below the Apple logo .
  • If running version 10.6.8, users will automatically receive Java 7 from Apple’s Software Update area if Java has been installed on the Mac. Can force this to happen if unsure by going to (Apple) and then to SOFTWARE UPDATE to run necessary updates.
  • If running something higher than 10.6.8, and not sure if you have Java, go to and click on the “Do I have Java?” link below the red button. If you don’t have Java, follow the steps at to install for your version of Mac.
  • If your Mac already HAS Java installed, go to (Apple) and then to SOFTWARE UPDATE to run necessary updates. Note: CARNEGIE software may NOT run if new version of Java comes out and you have not updated

  • On Mac, the Java plug-in is disabled in Safari by default and will not run on any other browser. To enable, please follow these steps:

1. Go to and click the “Do I have Java?” link. Click “Verify Java version.”

2. If you see a gray button that says “Inactive Plugin” - click it. This enables Java.

a. If you receive a ‘Missing plugin” message instead, this means your machine does not have Java installed. Please go to and then to SOFTWARE UPDATE. You will be prompted with updates that need to be run on the Mac..specifically check off JAVA and follow follow the steps to update including restarting your machine when prompted.

I read something about having to disable pop-up blockers in my internet browser. How do I do that?

Please click on and review this How to Disable PopUp Blockers document that explains how to disable pop-up blockers in various internet browsers so Carnegie software will load correctly.

Note from Carnegie: From time to time, we hear that Google and Yahoo installed toolbars may block pop-up windows. Disabling these toolbars resolves the issue.

How do I get to the Carnegie login page?

As explained in the slides at the top of this document -- from the district website, navigate to the STUDENTS menu item and click on the button for STUDENT MATHia Login Page. Please bookmark this login page in your browser for quick access. Note: As a backup plan, if the district website is down, you can get to the Carnegie sign in page directly by going to in your browser.

How do I get access to the Carnegie Resource Center?

Students created an account at the Resource Center using their school email ( or with a parent’s email address. Students were told to use the same password as they use for accessing Carnegie. The Resource Center will give you and your child access to textbook pages, student assignments, video tutorials and extra skills practice. Everything will be available to download and print for additional practice and to study.

What if I can’t log in to Carnegie and I think that Carnegie might be ‘down’...where can I check this?

Please check the Carnegie Resources page ( and notice the ‘server status’ messages at the bottom of the page (shown at right). This will signal if Carnegie’s tools are up and running or not working.

MATHia Expectations?

If you’re wondering how MATHia works, look through MATHia Expectations & Features Note: no video.

Thanks to Franklin Public Schools for sharing their learning with Carnegie, and allowing us to share in the work they’ve created, such as the base for this document.