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July 27- August 14, 2020

Please sign up using the link in your Skyward message from Mrs. Cook.

  • Internet Safety Tips: For adults with children working at home K-5 5-8

Please know that we understand if things do not go as planned, and we hope you will understand as well. We appreciate that everyone is being flexible. We will keep communication lines open between students and teachers. Please feel free to contact staff members as the need arises via email. Thank you for your kindness, caring and support during this time.

Please share your feedback about what is working well and how we can improve our virtual learning as we move through our first attempt at teaching in a digital format. Click here.


  • WHO: All students of all ages with the help of teachers & families
  • WHAT: Directions for continuing teaching and learning away from our school building
  • WHERE: Outside the classroom, at home in lieu of going to school
  • WHEN: Beginning Wednesday, March 18th -to present
  • HOW: Check the TWC Website for links, OR follow the link in the email from your homeroom teacher. Utilize your Chromebook or iPad to follow directions in your grade level slide show.
  • WHY: So student learning can continue during this unprecidented event.

Dear Timberwolves,

Welcome to our exciting learning community! I am looking forward to our collaboration around curriculum, instruction and assessment (CIA).

Working together for TWC,

Mrs. Donich

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

CIA Vision & Mission



  • What will we do to lead the students to knowing, understanding, & demonstrating?
  • What will we do if they haven't learned yet?
  • What will we do next when they have learned ?


  • How will we know if they know, understand, and are able to demonstrate?


Communication of Student Learning


Maximizing MasteryConnect

View the slide show by clicking here

To problem solve MasteryConnect issues, please use the help button in the software.

Standards-based Reporting


Reading - Choice & Building Stamina (video)


The reading of informational text (non-fiction and other factual documents) takes certain reading skills that all students at TWC are working on this year. Learn more about this reading program that our students are using to help with this type of reading.

SmartyAnts - grades K-2

KidBiz3000 - grades 3-5

TeenBiz3000 - grades 6-8


Middle School Math Materials

Carnegie Learning Blended Model includes student texts that they are able to write in for practice and note taking, together with an on-line module. Click on the link above to learn more.

Carnegie Technology Tips for Home

Everyday Math Version 4 - 4K-5th Grade


Standards-Based Report Cards

MasteryConnect Log In and Password Reset

  • Video explaining how to activate your parent account for Mastery Connect click here
  • Parent FAQ Sheet
  • A short video about how standards-based grading is different from traditional grading, "Assessment FOR Learning" click here.
  • Notes from Coffee & Conversations . click here
  • Notes from Academic Achievement Committee click here

To contact Mrs. Donich directly, please use the information below.

Tracy Donich E-mail: Phone: 262-862-2356 x1103 Fax 262-862-9226

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated School District 26325 Wilmot Rd., Trevor, WI 53179