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Helpful Resources

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Unit 1:
    Warm ups
    Scientific Method - Interactive, Examples of controls and variables, Quiz
    Chemical and Physical changes - Online lab, compilation of interactive sites
    Accuracy vs. Precision - explanation, interactive
     Absolute and Relative (%) error calculations - video examples
     Significant Figures - awesome tutorialvideo, practice, website explanation, flashcards
     Metric System - song, explanation
      Conversions - explanation (practice at bottom of pg), video, quiz

Unit 2:
    Warm ups
    States of matter - interactivevisual phase changespHet
    Kinetic theory of matter explanation
    Vocab quizlets: 6.1 - 6.46.5 - 6.8assumptions of Kinetic matter theory, 6.5 - 6.8 review slides
    Gas laws explanation

Unit 3:
    Warm ups
    Atomic structure - explanation, interactive, interactive webquest, name that atom game, interactive video, p, n, and e practice,       build an atom, p, n, and e game
    Games to learn the element names - 2048flash cards, song, games, periodic table, names
    Just for fun - Harry Potter singing the elements
    Electron configuration - explanationquiz, practice, fill in boxes
    Periodic table - quiz, group quiz, game, interactive table
    Trends - summary, interactive table with trendsquiz, another quiz

Unit 4
    Warm ups
     Ionic bonding - interactive, bonding game, dogs teaching chem, video
    Bonding - covalent/ionic video, Hank Green video

Unit 5
    Warm ups
    Skeleton equations - video
    Balancing - Phet, game, fill in the blank, explanation, video, games

Unit 6:
    Warm ups
    Stoichiometry - Ms. V's video, Hank Green stoich overview, tutorial video, Khan Academy video
    Limiting Reagent, % yield - Ms. V's video, other video
Unit 7:

    Warm ups

Unit 8:
    Warm ups

Unit 9:
     Thermochemistry - Ms. V's Video

Unit 10: