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30 Book Reading Challenge

Research has shown that the more you read, the better reader you become. Reading leads to higher vocabularies, expanded world knowledge, and better scores on standardized test. The #1 thing you can do to become smarter is so simple - just read, anything, as much as you can! Therefore, we are challenging all Honors Biology/English students to a book challenge!

The Challenge:
You are challenged to read 30 books from a wide range of genres by the end of the school year. This might sound like a lot; however, we promise that every student can achieve this! You will be given 20 minutes of class each day to read. You will also be expected to read a little each night. We promise the 30 Book Challenge can be accomplished by making good use of this time!

How it works:
- You will be given time in class to create an account with and join the Tecumseh High School Biology/English Honors group here
- Use to complete your reading profile and begin gathering book recommendations in a "Want to Read" shelf
- Come to English and Biology every day with a book to read (or two, if you're close to finishing one!)
- Get books from the school library, the Tecumseh library, order from other libraries through, and/or borrow from our classroom library.
- When done with a book, record it on your Goodreads profile and give it an initial rating out of 5 stars. You are welcome to add a written review to elaborate on your rating if you'd like.
- Rereading favorite books is fine (within reason) - just make sure you're trying new ones too!
- Challenge yourself to try out a variety of genres. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, historical, romance, action, science fiction, graphic novels - the possibilities are endless!
- You are absolutely allowed to not finish a book - if you don't like it, don't finish it! Just make sure you give it enough of a chance before moving onto something else... 
- Once a marking period, you will be required to write and publish a complete review of one of your books. This may be a book that you LOVED or one that you passionately HATED - as long as you explain and justify your review. We will talk more about this assignment in class, but to get you thinking, here are a few examples! Start thinking now ... What are qualities of a good review?
- One very important point - we will be reading right alongside you! Feel free to connect with us for recommendations!

*Note for parents and guardians: Ms. Adams and I have not read every book in our libraries, and there are certainly some that contain mature content! Please maintain an open conversation with your learner about what they are reading.

Happy reading! :)