We have a range of educational and recreational opportunities for our students. We also mix with other local rural schools to provide choices for our students.
The smaller nature of our environment also means we have a greater ability to tailor our programmes to suit our individual students.
 Some of the academic opportunities include
* Central South Island ODT Spelling Quiz
* Central South Island ODT  Social Studies competitions
* Sanford Science Fair.
* Otago Science Expo.
* STEM Extension group
* Access to UNSW Competitions.
* Waitaki Rural Schools Speech, Technology and sports challenges.
* Music tuition
* Specialist art group
* Cutting edge Robotics Programme
* Access to 3D design software and our own 3D printer

 Some of the sporting opportunities include
* Ohau Ski School (Each Friday of Term 3)
* Mountain biking group
* Equestrian group
* Touch Rugby teams
* Basketball teams
* Hockey teams
* Athletics, Cross Country, Gymnastics and Swimming Competitions as part of Rural Schools Network
* Aquatic programme annually
* Cricket competitions
* Our own tennis club
* Golf Club
*Geocaching Group 

We also have strong links with local sporting clubs.

To aid our senior students in their transition to high school we plan a wide number of events to build social networks.
* Rural Year 8 Days each term.
Attendance at National Young Leaders Day.
* Regular learning activities with our neighbouring rural schools.
* School camps with neighbouring rural schools.
* Termly "Fun Afternoons" with neighbouring schools.
* WRSN "Leaders of Tomorrow" programme. Based on the Duke of Edinburgh award, which encourages leadership and self-motivation.

Our senior students benefit from the leadership opportunities at Totara School. They are expected to provide physical activity leadership (PALs), science activity leadership (SALs), be Peer Mediators, run school assemblies, organise school activities and generally take responsibility for younger students.
Our Champion CO2 Drag Racing Team.

Equestrian students in action!

At the pool!