One of our aims for 2016 is to improve the basic facts knowledge of our students. This will enable them to continue succeeding at high levels in their maths learning.

 Basic Facts Trees
The purpose of our basic fact trees was to give a clear outline of the requirements for our students at various stages of learning.
Students work up the trees, mastering each rung along the way.
These basic facts are essential to being able to solve complex problems strategically.

Click the picture to get a clearer understanding of our trees!


Useful Links 
NZ Maths
lots of information on maths learning and ways whanau can help at home.

A website which teaches and monitors students basic fact abilities. Aligns with the NZ Curriculum.

Our junior students use skoolbo in class to practice various maths skills. This can also be accessed at home. All students have a login name and password.

Our senior students have set maths activities based around class and personal learning goals. These can be worked on at home also.

Card Game Booklet


Maths Family Video