At Totara we aim to inspire our students to succeed to their potential, developing pride and self-belief.

To be successful, Totara School students will need to be

* Investigators                                 * Innovators
Use thinking skills                                                  Be creative
Ask questions                                                         Make healthy choices
Seek information                                                   Try new things
Take responsibility for learning                           Be critical thinkers
Be enthusiastic                                                       Reflect on progress
Use a variety of sources                                        Show resilience

* Contributors                                   * Communicators
Prepared for learning                                             Work with others
Do their best                                                            Listen to each other
Use correct manners                                              Consider feelings of others
Join in school activities                                           Respect other cultures
Be positive                                                                Share learning
Respect our environments                                    Play fairly

We develop these skills through literacy, numeracy, sciences, health and arts .