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About Us

    Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is one of the leading agricultural universities in South Asia. It is a foremost provider of agro-technologies with substantial investment in Research and Development. It has become the leader in promoting Agribusinesses in the region by starting the Directorate of Agribusiness Development in 2007. The DABD strives to serve as a one stop solution to all the business needs of entrepreneurs who are interested in agribusiness in the areas of food processing, farm machinery horticulture, renewable energy,value added products from agricultural wastes, Bio-inputs, organic vegetable cultivation, Aerophonics and Hydrophonics method of vegetable cultivation.

The incubation concept has gained momentum across the globe and has resulted in successful development of companies from IT to agriculture. Recognizing this trend, Government of India, DST-NSTEDB has established one Business Incubator in TNAU by name "Technology Business Incubator" (TBI). The TBI was established and registered in 2011 (Sec 10 of TN Act, 27 of 1975 under Registrar of Societies, Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu) in the name of "Agribusiness Incubation Society" (ABIS) which extends its support to startup firms in the above mentioned areas. All the Technologies developed by the University are available for transfer to entrepreneurs and agro based companies. These technologies  are transferred through TBI, TNAU  funded by DST-NSTEDB,



  • To develop and promote agripreneurship in the region through Incubation by providing hand holding support to successful agricultural  innovations in the way of  product development,testing&certification,packaging facilities,financial support through agencies,market linkages.
  • To license TNAU technologies and products .
  • To conduct  on Capacity Building Programs with regard to technologies and managerial aspects for establishing agribusiness.
  • To contribute for improving the competitiveness of agribusiness environment and job creation

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Our Mission

      Technology Business Incubator, TNAU shall operate with the mission to benefit  agripreneurs with new agricultural products, technology commercialization and entrepreneurship development by providing  hand holding services in agribusiness.

Our Goal

        "To motivate start up's and entrepreneurs in the  field of agribusiness by providing technical assistance,quality certification,financial guidance and market linkages through business promotional activities to budding agriprenuers"