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While I understand technology cannot replace face-to-face meeting, I hope this portfolio will provide you with an overview of my education, background, work experience, and philosophy.  I invite you to explore the headings listed above.  My deep passion for Occupational Therapy and my commitment to designing and implementing innovative programming which highlights and celebrates the strengths of individuals of all abilities is a theme you will see throughout these pages. 

I believe leadership emerges continually from
life experiences and the meaning attributed to those experiences. Authentic leadership is driven by passion.   My practice of envisioning the world the way if could be for people of all abilities drives the decisions I make, the way I choose to spend my time, and my overall commitment to
being and leading the change I want to see both within and beyond my own community.

I encourage you to read about my clinical doctoral work.  I am very excited about my joint collaboration with Temple University's Occupational Therapy Department and the Fox School of Business Institute on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  I am especially excited to tell you more about Integrate for Good!  Click on the tab above to learn more!

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Contact Information:

Bev Weinberg, DOT, MS, OTR/L


(610) 420-7095