To the Sixth Grade Team

Our motto is "Strive for Five". 

    This motto  includes:
  • I will be responsible
  • I will always do my best
  • I will choose to learn
  • I will be respectful of myself and others
  • I will follow school rules

   Late Work Policy:
    Students who hand in assignments or projects late will receive a deduction of points. 
  •     First Day Late - 5 points 
  •     Second Day Late - 10 points 
  •     Third Day Late - 15 points  
  •     After Three Days - zero     

Homework Agenda:  Don't Go Anywhere Without It!

In order to help students stay organized, they were given an agenda at the beginning of the year.  Students must have the agenda with them at all times.  They should be writing their homework in it daily, and it serves as their pass out of the room. 
Parents can help by asking to see the agenda and the homework listed.  This will send a message that this is important. 
Keep in Touch

Each teacher on the team has a page on this Website where you can check for upcoming tests and projects.  Daily homework assignments will not be listed.  Please check the agenda for those. 

The sixth grade team meets every morning during third period from  10:16-11:00 AM.  If you would like to speak to the team or an individual teacher, call the main office and they will transfer you to our team meeting. 

Sixth Grade Supply List - click here for a list of supplies needed for September  

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