Week of 4/3/2017

Mrs. Potts
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Mr. Anderson - Social Studies
Materials needed - one notebook

Studying events leading up to the Civil War

Mrs. Marchese-Science
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Ms. Hums - Social Studies: 
Materials needed: writing utensils
Studying the Industrial Revolution

              Mrs. Hudson -

Materials needed: composition notebook, post-it notes, pencil


Mrs. Weiss-Chromeck
Materials: pencils, binder
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Materials needed: writing utensil, personal novel
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Miss Andreson
Materials needed: 2 notebooks, pencils

Miss Weiss - Math:
Materials needed: binder, pencils, notebook for binder for notes

Mr. Watson - Science:
Materials needed: composition book, 3 ring hole small binder, folder

-studying magnetism and electricity

Ms. Brooks -Public Speaking 
Materials needed: 1" binder, pencils

-persuasive speeches 
-study vocab 2 

Miss Schaechter/Mr. Vince- LA
Materials needed: 4 composition notebook (2 for extra), 1-2 folders, pens, pencils, highlighters

reading logs due 4/7
Movie permission slips due Friday 4/7
All classes: citing evidence due Friday 4/7
Period 1/3, 7/8 - vocab due Friday 4/7

Mrs. Gimmelli-Math
Materials needed: pencils, binder