About Me

My name is Mrs. Videla.  I was born in Mt Kisco and have lived locally my whole life.  My home is in North Salem with my husband, three children and dog Lola.
          Mr. Videla is a Foreign Language teacher at Fox Lane High school.  My oldest son, Cameron is 16 years old and is now in high school. He is my animal lover and resident artist. My oldest daughter, Hailey, is 13 and is in middle school.  She is actively engaged in dance, gymnastics and is on a competitive travel soccer league.  My youngest daughter, Molly, is a now a 5th grader. She is something special, I am often told that Molly is going to run the world someday.  

          When I am not at WPES or working with students you can always find me at the gym.  I am as committed to my students learning as I am to my personal fitness.  I am 100% invested in the mind body connection.  A healthy body means a healthy mind. 
     I am very excited to be celebrating my 22nd year here at WPES with all of you.  My door is ALWAYS open.  It's time to set some new goals together for a successful school year.