Altogether Making Progress, Excelling and Driving-results!

Our Vision 

Our vision is to create an environment that supports the development of the whole child and prepares them to compete and lead within a global society. 

Our Mission                           

The mission of Community School District 4 is to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure that scholars are provided with a high quality education that meets the needs of all learners through rigorous learning opportunities and supportive learning environment. Students will engage in performance tasks, writing across the curricula, project based learning, inquiry, and utilize technology to foster innovation.

District Goals                            

Goal 1: By June 2017, principals and principal supervisors will gather and analyze evidence to identify student learning problems and problems of teaching practice to highlight an area of focus.

Goal 2: By June 2017, instructional leaders will engage in a sequence of learning opportunities to deepen understanding of the content specific standards for excellent instruction.

Goal 3: By June 2017, students will increase their volume of writing and demonstrate improved writing work products across content areas as measured by the Common Core Learning Standards and the end-of-year performance assessment.


Goal 4: By June 2017, District 4 will continue to engage families and parent coordinators in targeted professional development to foster effective parent partnership and increase student outcomes and preparedness for College and Career Ready.