Sport Anyone?  Any student wanting to participate in a sport MUST come to the Activities Office prior to tryouts and obtain a tryout card. This card needs to be signed by Mr. Oetting (activities director) verifying we have all the needed paperwork to participate. Coaches will no longer be collecting paperwork and they will not allow you to participate until the card is received. In order to participate, the following must be completed:
  1. Sports Physical completed by a doctor dated AFTER February 1st, 2015
  2. Proof of health insurance (copy of card OR plan and plan number)
  3. Signature by parent(s) and athlete indicating they have reviewed the concussion material included in the paperwork.
  4. Signature page indicating parents and athlete have reviewed the St. Charles West Student/Athlete Code of Conduct
  5. Emergency Contact Form for coach's usage
All of the above items are located in the Activities Office or in the round turnstile outside the main office. * IF you have already played a fall sport, all items will be on file and you can simply submit the Tryout card, that is available in the Activities office. Contact Mrs. Holtgrewe in the Activities Office at: with questions.

TRANSCRIPTS: Any student needing to have a copy of the High School Transcript sent for college applications or NCAA will need to sign on to and create an account. All transcripts are sent electronically. If your college does not accept the electronic transcripts you will need to select "mail" option. Please be aware that the college you want to attend will need a preliminary transcript upon application, a midyear (in January) transcript and once you have been accepted to the school of your choice a FINAL transcript in June.

                           To request a transcript go to:

Please notify the office ASAP with address or phone number changes. These changes can also be done on the parent portal. We want to make sure you receive progress reports and report cards.

 Detentions are served in Room B125 --> 
Monday-Thursday 2:25-3:25 pm
 and Friday 6:15-7:15 am


Parking passes are available in the Finance Office. You will need valid driver's license,
proof of insurance, license plate number + fee (1st Sem. $50, 2nd Sem. $25)

Bus Pass Policy: If you want to ride home from school w/another student or a student wants to come home with you on the bus after school, parents' of both students must send a note to school. Notes must be brought to the main office first thing in the morning! A bus pass will be written, signed by the principal and then scanned over to the transportation department to make sure there is space on the bus for an additional student. IF you want to is get off at a different stop, from your own bus be sure to send a note saying so as well! Both students MUST be eligible bus riders.(NO exceptions)



Student Planners are available in the Finance office for $5.00
(there is an A/B calendar on the back cover, 9th Graders are required to use a planner)

If you are interested in developing business skills, business leadership, scholarship opportunities and gaining real-world business experience,
check out JA! For more information or to sign up, please visit

   Detentions Served in Room B125
  Monday - Thursday 2:25-3:25 pm
 and Friday 6:15-7:15 am
                                        Senior Information

Worker Permit (school year)

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