Enrollment Night will be on Tuesday, January 26th from 6-8pm. Incoming freshman enrollment information will be provided for parents and this is the time when we will register any parochial/private school students. 


The St. Charles School District's parent alert system now offers the ability for each resident and non-resident parent/guardian to control how you

receive communications from your child's school or district.  Below are two documents with steps to login to the new parent InfoCenter and some frequently asked questions.  If you have any additional questions logging into the new system please contact Anita Gray at or 636-443-4059.

Thank you,

Kevin Richmiller

Director of Technology


Info Center FAQ

School Cancellations: In the event of severe or inclement weather, the City of St. Charles School district may choose to dismiss students from school early or cancel events and/or classes for the day. The cancellations are announced through a variety of media outlets including School Messenger, district Facebook, district Twitter feeds, TV channels 2, 4, 5 and 30, as well as the following radio stations: KMOX (1120am), WIL (92FM). You can also check the websites for: KEZK & Y98.

School Messenger Notification Service: The School Messenger System is an automated message system utilized by the City of St. Charles School District. District-wide information messages will be sent periodically with news including: uinclement weather alerts and cancellations, uemergency alerts, ucommunity meeting notifications, special event reminders. Please keep your telephone number and email address up-to-date on your children's emergency card in order to ensure you receive the important messages!

Any questions, regarding Graduation, please contact Mrs. Bowlin at

We are now recycling batteries. The recycling bucket is in the SCWest Library. We take Alkaline, Lithium, NiCD, NiMH, Rechargeable, Laptop Batteries, Button Cell, Coin Cell and Cordless Tool Batteries.

from the Activities Dept.: IF your son/daughter plans on trying out for any sport in the fall, winter or spring seasons, they MUST come to the Activities Office prior to tryouts and obtain a tryout card. This card needs to be signed by Mr. Oetting (activities director), verifying they have all the needed paperwork to participate. Coaches will no longer be collecting paperwork and they will not allow your student to participate until the card is received. In order to participate, the following must be completed:
  1. Sports Physical completed by a doctor dated AFTER February 1st, 2015
  2. Proof of health insurance (copy of card OR plan and plan number)
  3. Signature by parent(s) and athlete indicating they have reviewed the concussion material included in the paperwork.
  4. Signature page indicating parents and athlete have reviewed the St. Charles West Student/Athlete code of Conduct
  5. Emergency Contact Form for coaches usage
All of the above items are located in the Activities Office or in the round turnstile outside the main office. * IF your student has already played a fall sport, all items will be on file and they can simply submit the Tryout card that is available in the Activities office. Contact Mrs. Holtgrewe in the Activities Office at: OR 636.443.4281 with questions!

TRANSCRIPTS: Any student needing to have a copy of the High School Transcript sent for college applications or NCAA will need to sign on to and create an account. All transcripts are sent electronically. If your college does not accept the electronic transcripts you will need to select "mail" option. Please be aware that the college you want to attend will need a preliminary transcript upon application, a midyear (in January) transcript and once you have been accepted to the school of your choice a FINAL transcript in June.

The Francis Howell School District has partnered with MPACT to offer a series of parent trainings.
 These trainings will be available to anyone in St. Charles County. 
MPACT will also be providing this information through their groups in the area and on their website. 

PARENTS: Please notify the office ASAP with address or phone number changes. These changes can also be done on the Parent Portal. We want to make sure you receive progress reports, report cards and mailings. If you have moved you will need to provide 2 proofs of residency (i.e; utility bill, lease).

Check student grades on the Parent Portal. There is a tab at the top labeled "Grades". When you click on that tab you will see all the letter grades for your student(s) for Semester 1. If the class is a non-SBG class you will also see the final exam grade listed. If you wish to see the objectives, you will need to click on the Gradebook link on the home page for that class. If you need the email resent; that has your login information, please contact Ms. Huster (636.443.4222) or Mrs. Cline (636.443.4266). If you have questions about your child's progress, please contact the classroom teacher.

Anyone interested in Pre-school in St. Charles school district, can contact Jeanie Mohrman at 636.443.4087.

 Check grades now -->  Parent Portal <-- Check grades now

Bus Pass Policy: If your child wants to ride home from school w/another student or a student wants to come home with your child on the bus after school, parents' of both students must send a note to school. Notes must be brought to the main office first thing in the morning (or as early as possible)! A bus pass will be written, signed by the principal and then scanned over to the transportation department to make sure there is space on the bus for an additional student. Both students MUST be eligible bus riders. (NO exceptions).
IF your child is getting off at a different stop, on their own bus be sure to send a note saying so! 

Lunch Money: There is a lock box & blank envelopes in the main office. IF you want to leave cash or a check to be put in your child's lunch account, the envelopes and lock box are on the left wall under the flag when you enter the main office. The box is emptied mid-morning each day, any checks or cash will be deposited asap! You can also put money into your child's lunch account through the Parent Portal.

District Pre-School
For more information concerning the preschool program, go to the district website,, or call Jeanie Mohrman at 636.443.4087.

2015-16 Parent Organization officers
Co Presidents: Becky Lindblom & Gail Herrmann
Secretary: Stacey Speer    Treasurer: Anne & John Keeven
 Meeting Dates:
January 13th Meeting has been CANCELLED!
February 18
March 23
April 20
All meetings will be at 6:30 P.M. in the SCW Library

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For more information on Junior Achievement, please visit or
Contact Shelia Farrell w/questions at 636.728.0707  ext. 213